The Time Management System (TMS) That Transformed My High-Stress, No Vacation, 60 Hour Work-Week Into A Lean-Mean Well-Oiled 12-Hour Stress-Free, Ultra-Productive Work Week That I Actually Look Forward To…Can Now Be Yours.


Back in high school, my parents would sometimes ask me why I couldn’t finish my homework. My answer might sound familiar – “I had no time.”

Can you relate?

Sure, you can. It’s the age-old excuse that never seems to fall out of fashion.

Fast forward 20 years and I was still spitting out the same excuse.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all used it. Heck, my 8-year-old son uses it and he spends at least an hour a night in front of the TV or on YouTube.

Not much has changed. We’re all guilty of this.



Imagine this scenario, you’re a BUSY entrepreneur and you go in for a physical. Your doctor tells you, you need to exercise two hours a day, five days a week because you’re overweight, would you?

Likely the answer is no. You wouldn’t “have the time.”

But let’s change that scenario slightly. And this time the doctor tells you that without exercising two hours a day you would die.

Suddenly, you’d find the time.

Although we don’t want to admit it, the truth is we all have the time…for what we WANT.

But guess what? Studying isn’t something most people want. But it’s what many of us NEED.

If you’re struggling to find enough time to get everything done, then you need to study time management and productivity.

Here’s the rub: Every time management program I’ve gone through (and believe me, I’ve gone through A LOT) require a serious TIME INVESTMENT.

Talk about irony, huh?!

One of the most famous productivity programs put out by a big name in the personal development field has a 90-day program.

90 days!!!

Are you kidding me?

Every busy entrepreneur, executive or even parent I know doesn’t even have 90 minutes much less 90 days.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, in today’s ultra-connected, high-speed world, we’re ALL busy.

Who has 3 months to spare?

So how many people do you think are willing to spend 90 days to learn how to manage their time?

Answer: VERY FEW.


Even Millionaires Have Trouble Managing It

I clearly remember talking to a millionaire friend of mine telling me that he had trouble managing his time, so I suggested he invest in a time management course.

His response was one that I could totally relate to. “I’ve bought some of the best time management programs on the market, I just haven’t had the time.”

Buying time management programs and seeing them on our shelves might make us feel better, but there’s only one way to actually become more productive, and that is to actually GO THROUGH THEM. (shock, horror, gasp)

Crazy, right?!

There lies the dilemma.



I admit I used to think time management was for the birds.

But one day I read something in one of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad series that really struck me.

I realized that despite the value contained within so many time management programs out there, what people really need is something that they can USE…



People don’t have 90 days or even 30 days to wait for results. (or so they think)

They want ideas NOW.

So I went to work.

To create something that gives people want they want.



No program on the market offered quick, SENSIBLE, actionable tips that would get results when people needed them.

Regardless of what field you’re in, education, medicine, law, business, accounting, or underwater basket weaving, we could all use a little more time.

As I said earlier, people don’t want to study time management and productivity, but they do want to

  • Spend more time with their family
  • Have time to travel
  • Make more money
  • More productivity
  • Climb Mt. Everest, get a black belt in Aikido, watch their favorite TV shows
  • Watch their kids’ little league game
  • Have better health
  • Have less stress

Those are the things we DO want.



Stage 2? What’s stage 1?

Stage 1 is getting started, and it’s surprising how many people never get through this stage.

But since you’re reading this, I’ll say you’re most likely stuck in stage 2, otherwise known as Day 2.

You’ve bought some programs, but they’re either still in pristine condition sitting on a shelf (staring at you), or you’ve actually ripped off the cling wrap and actually started listening to it, for a day or so.

And that’s as far as you get.

I call it “The Tao Bo Syndrome.”

We’ve all see those late night advertisements on how to have rock hard abs and a drop dead gorgeous figure. Maybe you’ve even picked up one or two.

I have lived in Japan for 20 years now and I clearly remember when Billy’s Bootcamp (basically Tae Bo) came out here.

I had no less than 15 close personal friends of mine pick it up.

They were ALL pumped when they first got it. They couldn’t wait to try it.

Then they did.

Guess how many of them have rock hard abs today?

You guessed it – not one!

My wife was in pretty good shape (going to the gym twice a week) and even she found it tough.

Some managed to get through Day 1 (dripping in sweat).

Some even managed to make it to Day 3.

But by Day 5 even my wife called it quits!


It’s too DANG HARD.

I’ll tell you what’s an awesome exercise program – it’s called RUNNING!

Run for an hour a day, every day and I promise you that within 6 months you’ll have a pretty dang good body.

There’s just one problem – it’s one thing to THINK about running, and another to actually get out there and do it…every day. Rain or shine. It’s tough.

Let’s face it. Everyone wants the RESULTS, but no one wants to go through the PAIN.

And that’s true whether we’re talking about an exercise program, a diet program, a dating program, an investment program, a language program or a time management program.

It makes no difference, results take time.



The answer: One bite at a time.

Thankfully, that’s when my years of teaching finally paid off…

As a teacher, one of the most important things I learned is that people learn DIFFERENTLY.

There is no one-size-fits-all, and that’s what many time management systems get wrong.

Just like some diet and exercise programs work better for you than others, some time management programs will work better for you because they suit who and where you are.

The One-Bite TMS doesn’t try to change you. Instead, it gives you 57 techniques designed to change your life…one bite at a time.

In less than 3 hours (including some time for you to take some notes) you can REVOLUTIONIZE your life, WITHOUT stress.

Choose the techniques that appeal to you and leave the rest.

Bear in mind, you do actually have to apply what you learn.

This program is NOT for those people looking for a magic wand that will change their life with a single flick of their wrist.



It’s designed for people who want a fast, effective, stress-free way to take control of their lives.

The first goal of the One-Bite TMS is to free up 30 minutes a day and that can be done in less than 24 hours.

Think about that – tomorrow you’d find yourself with 30 extra minutes to do as you like.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

What would you do with it?

Within a short period of time, you’ll be able to get that 30 minutes up to an hour and then two.

Can you imagine? 14 EXTRA hours a week, that you didn’t have before… and you barely lifted a finger.



This program is designed to help pretty much anyone be more productive and free up time they didn’t know they had.

However, this program is NOT for you if you

  1. Have enough time do what it is you want. Some people are comfortable right where they are. If so, stick with it I say. Don’t try and fix what ain’t broken, right?
  2. Aren’t willing to make at least some changes. Unlike other time management systems on the market, the One-Bite TMS won’t ask you to change everything you do, BUT you will have to study (a little) and make a few (small) changes to get the ball rolling.
  1. Don’t want to make more money.

The old adage of time is money is no longer true. Today it’s more like:

Time = Money²

The more time you have, the more potential you have to make more money. But if that doesn’t interest you, then this program’s not right for you.





The One-Bite TMS isn’t asking you to rewire your entire brain or make you change everything you do in one fail swoop.

Change is never comfortable.

And abrupt change is even tougher.

That’s why I designed the One-Bite TMS to allow you to implement ideas at YOUR OWN PACE. Add one new technique today, another next week. It’s your call.



  1. They easily get distracted
  2. They don’t value their time enough
  3. They have unrealistic expectations

That’s why the One-Bite TMS was broken down into bite-size lessons that you can “digest” easily.

Most ideas and techniques contained in the program take less than five minutes to learn.

That leaves you plenty of time to test them out and find what works best for you.


The best thing about the One-Bite Time Management System is the ideas are SIMPLE.

Nothing silly…

Just powerful strategies that you can use to free up hours of time in spite of your busy schedule.


How much do you make per hour? If you’ve got a full-time job you’ve likely not thought about it.

Humor me.

Take your monthly salary and divide it by 160 (40-hour work week) and you’ll get your hourly wage.

Let’s say you make $3,500/m after taxes. Using the formula above, that means you’re making $21.86 an hour.

Now imagine you can find yourself with JUST 30 minutes more a day, or 6 hours a week.

In a year, that’d work out to be $6,820.

Not bad at all.

But with the One-Bite TMS, you won’t just get 30 minutes a day back, but much, much more.

Normally I charge companies $30,000 for me to come in and teach them the ideas contained within the One-Bite TMS.

But as this is a downloadable course (easy to put on your phone for easy study), I’m going to offer this at a fraction of that price. A price so good, that you literally can’t afford not to take advantage of it.

Instead, the One-Bite TMS will be available to you, at this special opening sale price of $97.

Sounds a bit crazy, but here’s why I’m willing to let you have it for a steal…I want as many people as possible to find the joy in taking control of their lives and being able to spend more time doing what it is they want to do.

I’m so confident in the ideas contained in the One-Bite Time Management System I’m offering it with my 100% “Find Time” Guarantee.

If you haven’t freed up AT LEAST 30 minutes with the program after 90 days, then just email me and ask for a refund.

You’ve got nothing to lose.




Two 30-minute strategy sessions (via Skype) where we’ll go over the ideas contained within your course and see how best to implement them into your life. (value $200)


Access to some of my PRIVATE notes on the topics of time management, success, marketing and sales. Saving you days of study so that you can get a jump start on your success today (value ???)



So if you’re ready to take the next step and take back control of your life, then click the link below.